Our Association

Tamworth Hockey Association Incorporated was established to:


  • Administer and oversee the sport of hockey in the Tamworth Region.

  • Provide a safe, healthy and fair sport for members to enjoy.

  • Promote the sport of Hockey throughout the region.

  • Develop and manage the Tamworth Regional Hockey Centre

  • Effectively and responsibly manage the financial affairs of all bodies within Tamworth Hockey. 


Tamworth Hockey Association Incorporated is administered by a Board, known as the Incorporated Body. This body is the legal entity that is responsible to the management and administration of the Association. These sub-committees may change from time to time, depending on the needs of the organisation and the projects required.


Tamworth Hockey Association Incorporated has sanctioned a number of sub-committees. 

Standing sub-committees run each of the competitions and our umpiring. 

  • Women’s Standing Committee – responsible for the running of the women’s & masters competitions

  • Men’s Standing Committee – responsible for the running of the men’s and masters competition.

  • Boys Standing Committee – responsible for the running of the boys' competition & primary school competition

  • Girls Standing Committee – responsible for the running of the girls’ and minkey competition.

  • Umpires Committee - responsible for the overall running of the umpiring for the Association

Each of these sub-committees is accountable to the Incorporated Body.

The Incorporated body comprises of:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Women’s Convener

  • Men’s Convener

  • Boy’s Convener

  • Girls Convener

  • Umpires Convener

  • Grounds Officer

  • Four General Members




The Tamworth Regional Hockey Centre is located in on the corner of Longyard Drive & The Ringers Road in the Tamworth Regional Sporting Complex.