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About Hockey

As one of the few sports that can be played throughout a lifespan, hockey in Australia boasts players as young as five, through to veterans of 81 years of age.


At the junior level, both clubs and schools embrace Hockey Australia's modified programs Rookey and Hook in2 Hockey. These offer an excellent pathway for children and adolescents to learn and enjoy hockey.


With participation Australia wide, Hockey is the only major sport to have a national competition with teams represented by each state and territory.


Participation in the sport of hockey, in Australia, continues to grow with Hockey Australia recording 142,962 registered players from 880 clubs across the country. In addition to players registered with clubs, hockey is played extensively through Australian schools and at a recreational level bringing the figure close to 200,000 people (based on the 2006 Annual Censis).


While the season at club level is during the winter, competitions are contested year round, both in its traditional outdoor setting and as a modified game indoors

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